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QSL Card Template Guide and Specifications

Custom design is included in the price for all of our products. However, we understand the "do it yourself" need for many HAMs. If you are one of those (as we are), this page is for you!

The following instructions may be used as a general guide to create your own QSL card images: 

QSL Card Size Layout Guide

This image is an illustration to use as a guide for designing a QSL card with a 5.5" X 3.5" finished size. The same general principles may be applied for cards of any size. Please note the additional 1/4" in both the height and width dimensions, which represents a 1/8" border on all 4 sides. This border, known as "bleed" is the outside edge of the image that is automatically trimmed off after the printing and coating processes are complete. This process eliminates the possibility of having a card with a "white edge" due to the smallest of shift in the image files, plates, presses, or trimming machinery.

Additionally, to ensure that text and important objects in images are not trimmed off, an additional 1/8" border, called "safe area" must be observed. Note how the callsign is placed within the "safe area" in the image above.

In summary, on all 4 sides there must be at least 1/4" between the edge of your card image and any text or important objects when your image is viewed at a size of 5.75 X 3.75"!

  Here are some tips to create your card images with high print quality:

It sounds more complicated than it is, so let us know if you have questions. We are happy to work with you to create your own files for your cards!

Spot UV Gloss

Spot UV is a process that results in UV Gloss being applied only over the objects and text that you choose. It is a very attractive addition that makes the objects and/or text stand out with almost a 3D look. Foil application instead of gloss is also possible. We will design the files for this process for you for a customized price that adds approximately $50 to your order, depending on the quantity. If you know how to do this yourself, we will quote a reduced price for the application of the gloss only. A separate image file for each side with 100%K Black only on the areas to receive the gloss is required. This image must align perfectly with the front side art image, therefore bleed and safe areas as explained above must be strictly adhered to. LEAVE PLENTY OF SPACE BETWEEN THE EDGES AND IMPORTANT TEXT AND OBJECTS. Avoid using text smaller than 10 pt as anything less is just too small to accurately apply.

When your files are ready, you may submit them to us with your order on our Order Form

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